Friday, April 25, 2008

@ad4dcss tweets again -- woo hoo

Hi, if you haven't come across me before my name is Jocelyn (aka @htjoshua). I teach ICT to about 55 pupils with moderate learning difficulties in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England. I fell into the start-up meeting for AD4DCSS by way of a tweet from Vicki Davis two weeks ago (happy birthday @coolcatteacher). So it seems rather appropriate therefore that my first involvement with AD4DCSS should be by way of setting up the grouptweet we know as @ad4dcss -- and I would like to take this opportunity to explain how @ad4dcss works.

First, if you don't really _get_ Twitter now you may want to watch this cool video.

Now hopefully you see the point of Twitter and certainly it would be a good idea to sign up and follow all your friends at AD4DCSS. Here is where to find them, just click on the follow buttons and I am sure in no time at all a crowd of people will be saying hello.

Finally, what's with the grouptweet...? Basically all you do is follow @ad4dcss and then @ad4dcss will follow you. From that point on, any Twitter direct messages you send to ad4dcss will be retweeted in PUBLIC as if from @ad4dcss -- to all of @ad4dcss's followers.

Here is an example from earlier today.

I saw a tweet from Kate Olson (@kolson29) I thought AD4DCSS people wouldn't want to miss out on.

What I did was to direct message a copy of Kate's message to the grouptweet @ad4dcss.

The direct message arrived at @ad4dcss and grouptweet turned it into a normal tweet as if from @ad4dcss. Of course all the followers of @ad4dcss could see the normal tweet as clear as day.

Good hey....? Mmmm..., almost too good. Don't forget the direct messages to @ad4dcss are turned public almost straight away. This is not the normal convention and some people -- somewhere else I hasten to add -- didn't realise and embarrassed themselves quite badly. Indeed, grouptweeting was off for a while on that account. All is back up and running now (thank you @aaronforgue). But don't forget -- the prior convention might have been for direct message to be a little private -- but @ad4dcss does not keep secrets.


Vicki A. Davis said...

Thanks Jocelyn for getting this going. I've learned something new -- I want to know what you used to make it do this. I WANT TO KNOW HOW!

Jocelyn E. Chappell said...

You welcome Vicki. The service we are using is grouptweet, but it is not taking on any new registrations until Aaron (Thank you Aaron for your sterling work) has an opportunity to make the instructions failsafe for those who have secrets and don't always _get_ online communications until it is too late.